Welcome to the 7th edition of Súlur Vertical!


The trail running event Súlur Vertical takes place in Akureyri, July 30th 2022.


The event contains three races of 55km, 28km and 18km, where participants run in the spectacular surroundings of Akureyri. All the races start in Kjarnaskógur and finish downtown Akureyri. The longest race includes 3000 m of elevation gain and provides 3 ITRA points. Participants run some of the mountains surrounding Akureyri, Mt Súlur and Mt Hlíðarfjall.


The organisation Súlur Vertical was established in 2020. The purpose of the organisation is, among other things, to promote physical and outdoor activities, host events, increase and improve trails and trail markings in Akureyri and the surrounding areas, increase the popularity of trail running, mountain running and other outdoor physical activities. The program of the race day will be introduced later on the event’s website.

Visit Akureyri provides all the info needed for a trip to Akureyri for the Súlur Vertical.

The event is supported by SSNE through Sóknaráætlun Norðurlands eystra.