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Súlur V 55 is 55km ultra trail race with 3000 meters in elevation gain.

The route takes participants from the forest of Kjarnaskógur on the outskirts of Akureyri up the spectacular mountains of Súlur and Hlíðarfjall before descending back into Akureyri via the Glerárdalur Valley.

Track details on ITRA website

35% sentiers / 60% pistes / 5% routes

The maximum number of participants is 100.


Registrations opens: 14.01.22

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Registration conditions

Participants need to have a backpack with a minimum water capacity of 1L, a mobile hone, jacket and a blanket. Downloading the GPS track of the Súlur V 55k route is recommended.

Date and time of start: 30.7.2022, TBD

Location of start: Kjarnaskógur, Akureyri, Iceland

Location of finish: Akureyri town center, Iceland

Distance: 54.9km (34.1miles)

Ascent: 2870m

Descent: 2980m

Refreshment points: 4

Time limit: 12:00