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SV 2022: Registration and prices

Registration for Súlur Vertical 2022 starts on Friday 14 January at 12pm through the website You can find the event on the front page, but there will also be a link directly to the registration form here on the Súlur Vertical website and social media as soon as registration begins.

There are three distances available this year: 18km, 28km, 55km ULTRA. We recommend early registrations, as there is a maximum number of participants and some of those receive a registration gift from 66°North. In addition, the price increases as the event date approaches.

Price list 2022:

55 KM

19,500 ISK (Price until 15.07.2022 23:59)

24,900 ISK (Full price)

28 KM

11,500 ISK (Price until 15.07.2022 22:36)

16,900 ISK (Full price)

18 KM

8,500 ISK (Price until 15.07.2022 23:59)

12,900 ISK (Full price)

Registration gift

Those who register early will receive Straumnes sweater from 66 ° North. Straumnes is a very comfortable half-length sweater worth ISK 15,000.

The first 400 to register for 18km, the first 200 for 28km and the first 150 for 55km will get Straumnes as a gift, but others (who register later) will be offered to buy it for ISK 5,000.

The maximum number of participants in Súlur Vertical 2022 is as follows:

18km: 600

28km: 300

55km: 300

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